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Upcycled sandals


Discover why the “Ethical Magic Sliders” were honored as winners in the Earth-Friendly category at the esteemed 2019 “Etsy Design Awards.” These sandals embody sustainable fashion at its finest, with each component thoughtfully chosen for its eco-friendly qualities. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make them truly exceptional. From the soles to the upper parts, every element of these sandals prioritizes sustainability. The soles are ingeniously crafted from recycled car tires, transforming defects into an eco-conscious foundation. The upper parts showcase the innovative Piñatex pineapple sustainable vegan textile, while the lining is made from 100% cotton fabric. The insoles boast a combination of cork and rubber, creating a comfortable and supportive foundation. Piñatex, with its leather-like feel, is a natural and cruelty-free material that is waterproof, soft, flexible, and remarkably durable.

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Shipping and returns
Goobers to go! EatingTheGoober shop ships from Greece and offers worldwide shipping at a low cost of $2 to the US, with an estimated shipping time of one week. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 21 days, however, buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.
Styling tips
With "Ethical Magic Sliders," you have the freedom to customize your look. After purchasing a pair of these vegan upcycled sandals, you can select from a wide range of covers to match your style. These covers effortlessly button onto the top part of the sandals using snap buttons, allowing you to change your look whenever you desire. Explore the "EMS covers" section on the EatingTheGoober Etsy page to discover over sixty captivating designs, ensuring there's a cover to suit every mood and occasion.
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Sustainability impact
Create the eco-friendly wardrobe you love.
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