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Recycled socks

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Step into a world of fun and uniqueness with this collection of recycled socks from Sleet & Sole. This Etsy brand took a different path, refusing to compromise on quality when faced with the limitations of socks made abroad. Instead, they established their own USA factory, dedicated to crafting socks in their own exceptional way. At Sleet & Sole, they are committed to using only the finest sustainable materials in the sock production. They source materials like PET, upcycled wool, FSC bamboo, and domestic merino wool from small farmers. By choosing these materials, they ensure that the socks not only meet the highest standards of quality but also prioritize sustainability.

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Shipping and returns
Experience the convenience of shopping, as Sleetandsole shop ships from the US and offers worldwide shipping. For customers in the US, shipping typically takes one to two weeks and is available at a flat rate of $5. Please note that they do not accept returns or exchanges, but the shop owner is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.
Styling tips
Embrace the joy of wearing socks that make a fashion statement. Pair them with your favorite jeans to add a unique touch to your outfit, or wear them with a fun active set for a delightful morning stroll. Let your socks become a reflection of your personal style and love for eco-friendly fashion.
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Sustainability impact
Save time & money. Love your reflection in the mirror.
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