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ZWS Essentials

Organic tote bag


Wave farewell to disposable plastic bags and embrace eco-friendly elegance with this organic cotton tote bags. These sturdy, sustainably-sourced totes are your ultimate companion for any outing, be it a quick grocery run or a sunny day at the beach. Caring for them is a breeze – just toss them in the machine with similar colors and let them air dry.

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Shipping and returns
ZWS-Essentials provides carbon-neutral, plastic-free shipping on US orders over $50. Their "Green First No Guarantee Return Policy" reflects a commitment to sustainability, addressing product issues on a case-by-case basis without guaranteeing returns, to minimize environmental impact.
Styling tips
Pair your organic cotton tote with a casual jeans-and-tee combo for a relaxed yet chic look, or let it add an earthy touch to your breezy summer dresses.
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Sustainability impact
Save time & money. Love your reflection in the mirror.
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