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Wool sweater


Prepare to embrace the perfect blend of simplicity and comfort with this oversized cacao woolen poncho. This remarkable garment features a zipper closure and a hood, adding a touch of sporty casual charm to your ensemble. Designed with a keen eye for detail, its textured knit ending creates a captivating visual and tactile experience. Crafted from 100% soft merino wool, this poncho exemplifies the luxurious comfort and warmth that only natural wool can provide. The brand sources wool yarn from trusted partners in Italy, renowned for their commitment to quality and meeting our stringent standards. Rest assured that you are indulging in a piece crafted with the utmost care and expertise.

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Shipping and returns
Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Lithuania with WoolHouseESHOP - offering worldwide shipping from this stunning country. And for customers in the US, enjoy free shipping with delivery typically taking 2-3 weeks. And if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, no worries - returns and exchanges are accepted, with buyers responsible for return shipping costs.
Styling tips
This versatile poncho effortlessly elevates your favorite casual looks, adding a cozy layer of style to your everyday outfits. The hood serves as the perfect companion for a leisurely lifestyle and slow weekends, inviting relaxation and embracing a sense of ease. To care for this exceptional poncho, we recommend dry cleaning or gently hand washing it in cold water. When washing, use a wool-friendly detergent to preserve the integrity and softness of the fabric. Please refrain from using bleach, as it can damage the natural fibers and diminish the garment's beauty.
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