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NAE Vegan Shoes

Vegan sandals


Discover the Daphne Piñatex, an extraordinary pair of criss-cross sandals crafted from Piñatex, an innovative and sustainable material made from pineapple leaf fibers. This unique textile is a byproduct of the pineapple farming industry, offering a biodegradable, renewable, and cruelty-free alternative to traditional materials. The breathable nature of the sandals prevents foot suffocation and excessive sweating, while their antimicrobial properties keep bad odors at bay.

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Shipping and returns
NAE Vegan Shoes offers hassle-free shipping and returns: enjoy free worldwide shipping for orders over €75 and a generous 100-day return period. In the EU, benefit from free exchanges and returns, with an easy four-step process involving registration, package preparation, shipping, and receiving your exchange or refund. For customers outside the EU, return costs apply, but the process remains straightforward, ensuring your satisfaction.
Styling tips
Pair these Daphne Piñatex sandals with a light, airy summer dress or your favorite pair of linen trousers for a perfect blend of comfort and style. Their unique texture and ethical backstory make them a conversation starter, ideal for a casual brunch or a stroll in the park.
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