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Upcycled shoe accessory


Designed as a pin for boots, booties, and your favorite Dr. Martens shoes, this shoe accessory is a game-changer when it comes to doing more with less. Each shoe collar comes with two detachable smaller pins – a brooch and a back pin, snapped onto the garment with industrial-quality snap buttons. But here’s the cherry on top – this remarkable piece is crafted with two kinds of sustainable leather, so sustainability and style walk hand in hand.

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Styling tips
This collar is your ticket to making a bold statement and embracing your unique self. Snap both collars onto your favorite casual and rebellious shoes and boots, and watch heads turn in awe of your individuality. Mix and match back pins and complimentary brooches. Feeling adventurous? Check out our other brooches and pins to add a personal touch and let your style radiate.
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Love your reflection in the mirror. Control your life.
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