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Alexandra Raduna

Digital futuristic outfit


Made from digital leather, the Celestial Ferrofluid look is a blend of fluid and geometric lines resembling the rippling surface of a pool of ferrofluid infused with metallic sheen evoking the mesmerizing beauty of the cosmos.

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Shipping and returns
To embark on this digital fashion journey, simply follow the instructions provided on DressX to prepare your photo. The shipping is entirely free within the realm of the digital fashion world. Once you've uploaded your photo and completed your order on DressX, sit back and anticipate an email with your impeccably crafted garment within a swift 1-2 days.
Styling tips
Please take note that this exquisite look is a digital masterpiece, designed to seamlessly merge with a photo you'll upload on DressX.
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Sustainability impact
Create the eco-friendly wardrobe you love.
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