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Classic wool dress


Prepare to fall head over heels for this enchanting balloon-shaped dress, meticulously knitted to perfection from the finest 100% organic wool. With its elegant turtleneck and full-length sleeves, this dress exudes timeless sophistication and style. But wait, there’s more! Each seam of this dress is expertly sewn with a sewing machine and then lovingly handcrafted to ensure unparalleled quality. The brand takes pride in delivering a garment that exceeds your expectations and stands the test of time.

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Shipping and returns
Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Latvia with PappusStore - offering worldwide shipping from this stunning country. And if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, no worries - exchanges are accepted when items are shipped back within 30 days of delivery.
Styling tips
What makes this dress truly exceptional is its versatility and contribution to a sustainable Base wardrobe. With its classic cut and timeless appeal, it seamlessly integrates into your existing collection. Choose from a delightful array of colors, allowing you to express your unique style and taste. For care instructions, we recommend a gentle hand wash or machine wash at a delicate 30 degrees. To maintain its shape, refrain from stretching or spinning. After washing, simply lay it out on a flat surface to dry, ready to be adorned once again.
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