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Linen midi skirt


Prepare to embrace the perfect blend of elegance, sustainability, and timeless style with this remarkable midi skirt. Crafted from 100% Baltic linen, it captures the essence of the coveted “New Look” trend, showcasing an extreme waist and an exquisite A-line silhouette that highlights the golden ratio. As you slip into this midi skirt, you’ll be captivated by the intricate details that make it truly exceptional. The skirt boasts exquisite asymmetrical pleats on the sweep, creating a mesmerizing and flattering look as you gracefully walk. It’s not just a skirt – it’s a work of art that accentuates your natural beauty and embodies the essence of feminine allure.

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Styling tips
This skirt has the power to become a stunning statement piece in your sustainable wardrobe. Its versatile nature allows you to style it with a variety of tops and create a multitude of looks. Pair it with a romantic white blouse for an ethereal and dreamy ensemble, or opt for a long sleeve top in neutral colors for a sophisticated and timeless look. You can even embrace a touch of coziness by pairing it with a light sweater, perfect for those transitional seasons. Caring for this exceptional garment is simple. Wash it with water at a temperature of 40° C, straighten it, and hang it to dry. And when it's time to iron, remember to do so upside down, ensuring that the impeccable design and pleats remain flawless.
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