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Ethnic wool vest


Crafted with unwavering ethical standards in Lithuania, this vest is a testament to Baltic heritage and the mystical pagan symbols that have enchanted generations with promises of good fortune. Let your imagination wander to a realm where Baltic faeries, their nimble hands guided by ancient wisdom, expertly spin a yarn so impossibly soft it could only be woven from their favorite blend of baby Alpaca and Organic Pima Cotton. Immerse yourself in the embrace of its oversized fit, a canvas designed for seamless layering across seasons. As you run your fingers along its surface, you’ll be greeted by a touch that feels like a gentle caress from the whispers of the wind. And don’t forget to appreciate its remarkable wrinkle resistance, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your impeccable style without the fuss.

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Styling tips
Unleash your creativity and fashion prowess as you weave this vest into your wardrobe. Pair it with your favorite pair of shorts and a vibrant summer shirt, exuding an aura of effortless chic. Or drape it gracefully over a minimalist dress, adding a touch of whimsical allure. And for a casual yet conscious look, join the sustainable fashion movement by combining it with a pair of eco-friendly jeans.
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Sustainability impact
Create the eco-friendly wardrobe you love.
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