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Coconut bowl set


Immerse yourself in the boho charm of our coconut bowls, originating from the vibrant Bên Tre region in Southern Vietnam. For years, the local farmers have relied on the sale of coconut by-products, such as oils and milks, to sustain their livelihoods. However, the discarded coco shells were often burned, leaving a trail of wasted resources. But now, with Jungle Culture’s coconut bowls, you become a part of a positive change. By choosing these upcycled coconut bowls, you provide the local farmers with an additional source of income and help to prevent the needless burning of coconuts and trees. It’s a powerful way to make a difference, supporting sustainability and the economic well-being of these communities. Embrace the natural beauty of these coconut bowls, which are available in a selection of exquisitely etched patterns. Each bowl is a unique creation, showcasing the organic variations of nature.

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Shipping and returns
At JungleCulture, they are committed to bringing you sustainable products from all corners of the world. They ship worldwide from the United Kingdom, with shipping to the US typically taking around two to three weeks and costing just $7. The store accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery. Please note that buyers are responsible for covering the cost of return shipping.
Styling tips
These versatile coco bowls are perfect for unleashing your culinary creativity. Craft vegan smoothie bowls, indulge in delightful breakfast creations, or assemble vibrant buddha bowls with ease. Let your imagination run wild as you transform these bowls into vessels of culinary artistry.
Sustainability impact
Save time & money. Love your reflection in the mirror.
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