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Certified Life coach, ACC
Personal stylist
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Life transitions.
Self-expression. Mindful consumption.

Our founder, Monica Ma’s story, is a compelling example of resilience and adaptive change, making her an ideal guide for those who are navigating life’s transitions and fostering self-expression. Her journey spans an impressive array of roles – from journalist to creative director, product designer, and life coach. She has navigated numerous personal and professional challenges, including career shifts, parenthood, health issues, and immigration, underscoring her deep empathy and understanding of transformation.

Monica’s success philosophy, rooted in awareness and action rather than traditional achievement metrics, along with her belief in sustainable fashion as a climate change solution, showcases her insightful depth and commitment to positive societal change. Her dedication to sustainable fashion, evident in projects like Sparkpick and SPARK + REBEL, highlights her commitment to conscious living, mindful consumption, and creative self-expression. Monica’s diverse experiences, passion for learning, and dedication to empowering others through sustainable practices and self-expression make her an ideal coach for those seeking authentic self-expression amidst life transitions.


Transformational coaching

1/1 personal coaching designed to unlock your potential and embrace your aspirations

Personal styling

Create a sustainable and stylish wardrobe that reflects your true essence


Self-expression & Style

$800/1 month
  • Discover your true self through fashion
  • 1 one-hour life coaching session
  • 3 one-hour styling sessions
  • Unlimited text and email support between scheduled sessions

Mindful Consumption

$800/1 month
  • Transition to eco mindset & build lasting habits
  • 4 one-hour life coaching sessions
  • Unlimited text and email support between scheduled sessions