Melissa Chureau

Certified Life & Somatics Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.
Speaker & Podcaster. JD, ACC.
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Elevate your life through transformation, meditation, and breath work.

Embark on a holistic journey of personal growth and empowerment guided by Melissa Chureau, a seasoned coach specializing in transformation, meditation, and breathwork. With her expertise in these three transformative areas, Melissa empowers you to unlock your potential, cultivate mindfulness, and harness the power of your breath to overcome obstacles, achieve clarity, and embrace lasting change. Through compassionate coaching, guided meditation, and intentional breathwork, Melissa’s support will lead you toward a life filled with purpose, authenticity, and well-being.

Melissa is a creative, neurodivergent, successful coach and lawyer who supports all who want to develop mindfulness, uncover their worth, and live on purpose.


Transformational coaching

Discover personalized guidance to unlock your potential and embrace your aspirations.

Mindfulness practices

Explore mindfulness techniques for clarity, presence, and well-being.

Breathwork journeys

Embark on intentional breathwork sessions for release, restoration, and renewal.


Life coaching

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Mindfulness practice

Uncover the transformative potential of mindfulness, harnessing its benefits to navigate life's challenges with heightened awareness and tranquility. LEARN MORE

Discover breathwork with Re/spire Program

Our breathwork sessions tap into the power of the breath, the gateway to the nervous system, and our equanimity and resilience. In small group or 1:1 sessions, we draw on conscious connected breathwork, along with other powerful breathing techniques including coffee-water-chamomile and resilience breath to unlock your potential, embark on a journey of self-discovery, all while reducing stress and finding equilibrium.