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Intuitive artist
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Spiritual Art Featuring Goddesses, Animal Guides, and Auras

Laura Knopp is an intuitive artist who captures the beauty and inner strength of women through goddess-inspired art, weaving their unique life journeys into vibrant canvases of empowerment.
Laura channels energy through her creative process, using her art to convey intuitive messages and universal wisdom. 

Her paintings of goddesses, animal guides, and auras serve as portals to the unseen, inviting viewers to explore ethereal realms beyond the tangible world to inspire journeys of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Over the years, Laura’s artwork has found its way into retail stores nationwide, Scholastic children’s books, and numerous private collections. 


Custom Portrait Painting

Step into your full brilliance with custom Goddess portraits and experiences

Aura Painting

Experience the magic of a custom aura painting

Guided meditation + Taro cards

Get a potent combination of guided meditation and tarot card insights to illuminate your path forward


Aura Painting for Manifestation

Experience the magic of a custom aura painting featuring the colors and vibrations from your own energy field to amplify your next manifestation. Your bespoke aura masterpiece will not only bring clarity and focus, but will also align you with the manifestations you seek.

The Radiant Goddess Experience

An art and soul journey to help you step into your full brilliance. For the woman who’s ready to start a new era & step into a new realm of possibilities. This is a unique experience where I channel your energy into a soulful work of art to awaken your inner goddess so you can move forward as the queen of your life.

Goddess Awakening Session

A one-on-one session featuring a potent combination of  guided meditation and tarot card insights to illuminate your path forward. An enchanting self-discovery experience!